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13 February 2014

Found Items: Used Book Haul

It's the time of year again for the sci-fi/fantasy writing symposium, Life, the Universe and Everything (LTUE).

The guest of honor, Orson Scott Card, is a no-show until Saturday, being trapped by snow. Several of the panels I wanted to visit lost their luster as a result, so I took a little more time in the dealers' room than I had planned...and walked away with a haul. (The panels weren't a complete loss, though.... Getting to listen to my friend, Larry Correia, talk about his favorite monsters is worth the admission by itself.)

All paperbacks $3; hardcovers $10. I'll be lucky if my wife lets me in the house tonight. But I'll have good reading material, at least....

Not shown are: an original paperback of Robert Bloch's Psycho, Craig Shaw Anderson's Difficulty  with Dwarves, and Outland, the novelization by Alan Dean Foster. I also passed over a bunch of old Moorcock and some John Norman Gor novels (which I know nothing about, I'm ashamed to say). Here's the rest of my haul (at least, the OLD stuff):

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