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21 January 2014

[Map Monday] The Raven and Jackal

Yeah, it's Tuesday, but the Stronghold Minions had Demi-Human Rights Day off yesterday. They've got a great union.

Today's offering is a little something I jotted off over the weekend: the gambling den known as The Raven and Jackal. The map is free for download, with the request that you let me know when and how you use it in your respective gaming worlds. I'm offering a keyed and unkeyed version of The Raven and Jackal.

The Raven and Jackal is one of the better class of gambling dens in Coldtreath. The wealthy, the politicians, and the high clergy all gather here to game and associate in privacy and neutrality. It is owned and operated by the Tiefling Rogue-lord named Diamond Spayd, a.k.a. The Jackal, who is more than happy to take advantage of the upper class, taking their money equally and with impunity. He lives on on the premises; his minions and employees take turns boarding on site several days a week.

  1. Entry Hall: The highly secure front door allows admission to The Raven and Jackal, after verification of identity (or submission of passwords) through a narrow, concealed speakeasy. The hallway itself is lined with murder holes, through which the Jackal's minions can fire their repeating crossbows into the hallway. At the far end of the hallway is another speakeasy door.
  2. Foyer: Stools and small chairs line this room. A heavy curtain separates the foyer from the gaming hall proper.
  3. Gaming Hall: Round tables fill this room, at which various card games and other games of chance are operating every hour of every day, except for the nine-day celebration of Rour. (Rour is a solemn holiday celebrated on the second full moon of summer. It commemorates a deception and is associated with disagreement, luck, and loyalty. Oddly, it is traditionally celebrated with games of chance. The Jackal prefers to let his minions take their winnings from his rival gaming dens, taking his percentage after the nine-day holiday.)
  4. Inner Hall: The inner gaming room is reserved for VIPs.
  5. Rest Lounge: A 4-seater toilet is hidden behind a curtain on one side of the lounge. On the other, is a doorway hiding a deadly pit traqp for those who seek to mine the hidden depths of the den for nefarious purposes. A well-hidden secret door--locked and trapped--separates the public sections of The Raven and Jackal from the private rooms.
  6. Kitchen: Drinks and snacks for the public and for the employees are prepared here. Two secret doors allow entry to the Jackal's quarters and the operation rooms of the den.
  7. Storage Room: Ale, wine, breads, and cheeses are stored here.
  8. The Jackal's Room: The Jackal's private quarters. A bed, chest, table, and bookcase are here holding the Jackal's private possessions and records.
  9. The Barracks: Eleven cots are here and are rotated among the various minions and employees of the den. A hallway on the east provides access to room #10. A hidden trapdoor provides a means of quick egress from the den. The hallway on the west provides access to the most secure portions of The Raven and Jackal.
  10. Watch-hall: Murder holes provide a view into room #1, the Entry Hall. Minions and employees can securely fire into the entry from this hallway for security.
  11. Counting Room: This appears to be the counting room for the den, where all the winnings and takings are counted and stored. An enormous set of shelves swings outward to reveal a secret door, leadcing to room #12.
  12. Vault: The Jackal's treasure room. The bulk of the financial holdings of The Raven and Jackal are locked here.
PDFs of the map can be found here: KEYED and UNKEYED.

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