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27 January 2014

[Map Monday] The Pyre Lagoon

For Map Monday, a little something I jotted on a 3x5 card during a break at church. Welcome to The Pyre LagoonAfter thinking about that escape route from The Raven and Jackal from last week, I decided there needed to be an exit for that passage. At least, one possible exit. I'm guessing there is probably at least one other exit, a dry land/cavern exit. We'll have to see whether we can find that passageway.

This exit runs out at a little subterranean lagoon, nicknamed The Pyre Lagoon by the Jackal and his crew. The Jackal keeps a 20-foot skiff moored here, counting on the tricky currents and hidden rocks in the channel to keep this exit secure. Just off the edge of the map is a well-concealed, well-secured secret door to secure the passageway from sight-seers...and the city guard.

The channel itself leads directly to the coastline on the west side of Coldtreath. In case of emergency, the Jackal and his minions can easily outstrip any pursuit once they reach the skiff. Upon making the coast, they can mix with other traffic and be well ahead of the law.

The usual applies to this image: free to use, just drop me a note to let me know if, where, when, and how it was used. The PDF can be grabbed HERE.

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