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18 April 2012

[A to Z April] P is for Pyramid of Swords

Pyramid of Swords

The Pyramid of Swords is a monument that stands outside the Faithfuls’ Gate, the northern gate into Coldtreath. It lies one hundred yards from the gatehouse on the west side of the road. Standing some seven feet tall, the pile is an imposing sight, all jagged points and sharp edges.

It has its origins some 500 years ago at the end of the war against the Zivri and the Scourgetooth Orcs. King Lier, having brought the war to a point where the Scourgetooth Orcs fled from battle and the Zivri saw the hopelessness in continuing, negotiated a surrender at the population center nearest the final battle: Coldtreath. At that time, Coldtreath was an innocuous oceanside hamlet. It was of little loss, should the surrender be nothing more than a ruse, and in the mind of the KingColdtreath could be easily won back. After all, it had little to boast of save a few homes and some farmland and help could be sent from the nearby Frai’el Keep.

The forces of the Zivri were directed to this hamlet where General Ane’oalli accepted the surrender. As terms of the surrender, each of the vanquished army was required to turnover their weapons and shields. This pile grew tall and wide and, based on its shape, was dubbed “The Pyramid of Swords.” Immediately after the final foe-man dropped his shield, sword, daggers, and polearm into the pile a cleric prayed over the pile and gave it a blessing of peace.

In the time since the Zivri Surrender, the swords and other metal items in the heap have remained untouched by rust or blemish. This has led to the rumor that there are one or more magical weapons within the pile, weapons which magic has infused the pile with sufficient magic to repel corrosion. Any attempt to recover weapons or equipment from the Pyramid, however, end in disaster; one who attempts it counts themselves lucky if they lose only a limb. Even after five centuries, the Pyramid is not yet ready to give up its secrets or its charges.

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stu said...

I imagine it's not a particularly wonderful spot for travelling gnomish fridge magnet salesmen either.

Nicole said...

The Pyramid of swords sounds stubborn. Now, you make me want to watch Lord of the Rings: Return of the King...AGAIN. Yes, I played LOTR movies back to back everyday for the last week or so...so what, don't judge me! They sure could have probably benefited from having a pyramid of swords in that movie. LOL


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Debra Harris-Johnson said...

Very creative! enjoyed the post.

Will Doyle said...

Pyramid of Swords is such a cool name, and I love the concept. Nice blog you've got here too!

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