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12 September 2011

Who's Who: Jebwyn Laughingshadow [OSR Challenge NPC]

Still trying to get caught up. [SIGH] Well, I have another gnome for you today. It wasn't intentional, it just worked out this way. His background is a little lengthy, and I didn't get in everything I wanted to about this Thieves' Guild Guild-lord, but I figured it was a background, not a novella. Without adding further length, then, I give you the life-summary of the gnome named Jebwyn Laughingshadow from the OSR Challenge: Short Adventure, "8 Ball, Corner Pocket."

Jebwyn Laughingshadow was orphaned at an early age. He was taken to an uncle’s house to live; at least, he was told that the elderly gnome was his Uncle Voarth Laughing. He idolized his Uncle Voarth, even taking Voarth’s surname as part of his own, “Laughingshadow.” Jebwyn lived happily with his uncle for several years. When Jebwyn was no more than in his teens, however, something happened that forced his Uncle Voarth to flee the town and take Jebwyn to safety. For years, Jebwyn had no idea what had happened.

By the time that Jebwyn was an adult, he and his Uncle Voarth had settled in and Jebwyn had several close friends. One of these, a young gnome named TikkTikk was nabbed by the city guard one day as the two gnomes walked through the market. TikkTikk was accused of numerous counts of theft and arrested. The trial was quick and ridiculous. Despite Jebwyn’s attempts at introducing exculpatory evidence at the trial, TikkTikk was convicted and sentenced to the stocks in the town square. While TikkTikk was in the stocks he suffered an allergic reaction and died; Jebwyn was the one who found him the next morning. Understandably, Jebwyn became quite bitter about leaders, power, and the abuse of power. Jebwyn responded by running away from home.

Shortly thereafter, Jebwyn came under the tutelage of a local thief-lord named Tothus. Tothus trained him and heaped praise on Jebwyn, constantly exclaiming how talented and skilled Jebwyn was at various forms of thievery, such as pickpocketing, purse-cutting, lock-picking, and the like. Jebwyn took to the work as if it were second nature, despite bright hazel eyes and flaming red hair that made him stick out in a crowd. It was inevitable that Tothus would be arrested; Jebwyn fled back to his uncle’s house, losing a finger in the process to a guardsman’s sword, and was welcomed by Voarth’s open arms. His childhood and early adulthood trained him to think things through thoroughly before making decisions. He also began to believe less in luck than in fate.

Many years passed. At some time after his 200th birthday, he realized that Uncle Voarth was amazingly well-preserved and long-lived. Jebwyn calculated that Voarth was well over 500. The answer came to him suddenly as he entered his uncle’s workshop without warning and witnessed a gold dragon transforming into his Uncle Voarth. Voarth heard Jebwyn’s gasp of surprise and caught his nephew at the door. After a long argument, with threats and insults from both sides, the uncle and nephew have reached an uneasy truce. Jebwyn has sworn to be silent, even to his closest friends. Jebwyn left home and traveled across the continent to start his new life. Voarth — or Voarthalzundae as he is truly named — does not trust in a mortal’s silence and has made the decision that his “nephew” must die.

Through the passing years, Jebwyn became the guild-lord and maintains a large network of informants. He has received the news that Voarthalzundae is searching for him and intends Jebwyn to die. It was this news that prompted him to move into the deserted Dwarven stronghold, thinking that this would provide the physical protection necessary to keep him alive in case of Voarthalzundae’s attack.

After several years of living alone and essentially friendless in the stronghold, he has become convinced that he, too, carries dragon blood and will someday begin changing into a draconic form. Voarthalzundae never told him that they were not related. At 300 years old, part of him is yearning to die, afraid of what he might become. His will, however, will not allow him to take his own life. As a result of this longing, he has started giving away his possessions, one by one, to those who have aided him most.

Jebwyn Laughingshadow
Robue 20
HP: 90
Init: +5;
Speed: 30 ft.
AC: 19 , touch 15, flat footed 15 (+4 Chain Shirt)
Base Attack: +15
Grapple: +13
Attack: Spear +19 (1d6+3 Crit (20) x3) or Crossbow, light +23 (1d6+1 Crit(19-20) x2) range 80
Full Attack: Spear +19/14/9 (1d6+3 Crit(20) x3) or Crossbow, light +21/21 (1d6+1 Crit(19-20) x2) range 80
Alignment: CN
Special Qualities:Low-light Vision; +2 save vs illusion; +4 dodge to AC against giant type; Evasion; Improved Uncanny Dodge; Trap Sense; Trap Finding; Uncanny Dodge
Special Attacks: +1 difficulty DC with illusionary spells; Sneak attack; +1 attack vs kobold and goblinoid
Spell-like Abilities: 1/day speak with animals(burrowing only); 1/day dancing lights, ghost sound, prestidigitation DC 10.
Saves: Fort +7, Ref +17, Will +6
Abilities: Str 15, Dex 20, Con 13, Int 14, Wis 11, Chr 16
Skills: Appraise 2, Climb 16, Craft 2, Disable Device 25, Gather Information 26, Hide 30, Jump 7, Listen 16, Move Silently 26, Open Lock 28, Search 25, Sleight of Hand 3, Spot 0, Tumble 26, Use Magic Device 26, Use Rope 21
Languages: Common, Gnome, Dwarven, Goblin
Feats: Crippling Strike, Improved Evasion, Dodge, Evasion, Light Armor Proficiency, Lightning Reflexes, Opportunist, Point Blank Shot, Rapid Reload, Rapid Shot, Run, Simple Weapon Proficiency, Slippery Mind, Weapon Focus (Spear), Weapon Focus (Light Crossbow)

CR 20

  • +3 Greater Shadow Chain Shirt
  • Boots of Striding & Springing
  • Cloak of Displacement (Major)
  • +2 Flaming Burst Spear

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