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08 September 2011

I'm Clean! I'm Clean!

Despite the fact that the link is a shameless plug for an online dating site, there seems to be a lot of "self-rating" going on in the gaming blogosphere the past couple days.

I couldn't resist.

And I'm clean. Well, kind of.

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Apparently I'm "G-Rated" despite the presence, according to the test, of one incident of the use of the word "pissed."

I honestly can't remember using the word "pissed" before, but apparently it's in here somewhere.


Ah. There it is. Dang it, it's not me at all! It's the title to a blog entry from someone else's blog that showed up today in my blogroll. Of course, now I've used the word "pissed" three times on my own. Thanks to this post by Tim over at Gothridge Manor, my stainless reputation is a bit sullied.


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