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16 August 2011

New Critters, Part 1

Courtesy of one of my more recent favorite blog finds, Monsters and Manuals, I was reminded of a great random generator site, The Forge (thanks to noisms' post here).

The Forge is a random generator for names: spells, creatures, places, and "general" fantasy names. I spent a little while playing with it after reading the post at Monsters and Manuals to renew my acquaintance with the engine. While you occasionally get something that makes little or no rational sense, more often than not you get a great thought-provoking ember.

The first four creatures' names The Forge generated for me are as follows:
  1. Howler Snake

  2. Arm Spider

  3. Shard Fish

  4. Wind Starfish

All of these are perfectly servicable and, in fact, bring some terrific images to mind. Now all I have to do is craft some stats to go with them.

Yeah. I have PLENTY of time for that after a week away from the office.

Crap. [sigh]

Thanks, noisms. Thanks a heck of a lot.... Actually, I truly mean that. Thanks for the reminder about The Forge.

Note: I promise, there will be some posts of substance coming soon. Really, I promise. I owe a massive amount of Joesky tax right now.

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