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26 August 2011

Found Items Friday: Paradise Squared

Following in the footsteps of last week's "Found Item Friday" in which this blog took a more personal slant towards "Found Items" rather than game-oriented items, I want to follow up today on the dice collection post of a couple weeks ago.

Yes, I went out and fed the monster: I have new dice. Come and take a look!

"Hi, everyone. My name is Boric and I love dice."

"Hi, Boric...."

Yep. I have a problem. I freely admit it. I know that admission is the first step, right? Well, I may have taken the first step, but I have no interest right now in breaking the addiction. Here's my latest set of obsession-fulfillment beauties:
Most of these are from Koplow Games; I really like the unique, off-the-wall kind of specialty dice they offer. I honestly don't know what I'll do with some of these, but they look great in the bag. We have here some more of their "dice bones" to make up for those I've misplaced somewhere. We also have the round dice that just have to be in every collection. There are a couple of American Sign Language dice and some USA dice which I believe are out of production now. I also grabbed a hundreds-place die and a thousands-place die. (I thought the ten thousands-place die was a little bit much.) I think the four small d12s are also Koplow, based mostly on the fact that it seems to be the only dice manufacturer that particular store sells.

Around the top and sides of the picture are two seven-piece sets I picked up at a local comic book store. I know for a fact that the one set is a Chessex bronze with White set. It was labeled and in a box, after all. However, the white speckled set was shrinkwrapped in a little cellophane bag. The store was of NO use whatsoever; their answer to my request: "We don't use a computer in this store. Our inventory is all on paper and we don't track where our accessory items come from." I almost said, "I'm sorry, what century is this?" Instead I just figured I now had an answer as to why I never see any other customers when I ride by that shop. A little research online didn't help; I may have some broken Google-fu and would welcome any help. I thought at first they were a set of Chessex Arctic dice, but the speckles and coloring is just a bit off for that. I have a set I know are Arctic dice (see my prior post). The Arctic dice are on the left side, just next to the leather dice bag. I've compared the two sets side by side and they just don't match. For now, they'll remain my mystery dice.

Now I just need to find a new supplier in the area to get my fix. Everybody around seems to have the same ol' stock now. [Sigh]

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