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27 September 2013

September Blog Meme Challenge Day 9


What is your favorite character that you have NOT played?

Put simply: A Goliath rogue.

The goliaths were a race introduced by Wizards of the Coast into 3.5E in the supplement Races of Stone. The D&D Wiki calls them: "massive creatures unafraid of throwing their weight around in a fight. Highly competitive, these strong nomads can prove to be powerful allies and welcome additions to any adventuring party." They were a lot more than that, however. Their favored class was barbarians; they live in the mountains, have bluish-grey skin, and hard nodules randomly on their bodies. Picture giants, but of Medium size. Rather, they're Medium size, but so massive that you treat them in many respects as a Large character.

OK, you have that picture in your head?

Now make him a rogue. Blow up his Move Silently and Hide skills (a.k.a. Stealth). Maybe add in a Cloak of Elvenkind. Make him ultra quiet, ultra sneaky, and ultra...well, ultra rogue. But when you look at him, he's this big lumbering mass of flesh. It's a great contradiction. I want to play one just for the shock value, and I've been waiting for the right time to spring one on my group.

Until about 6 months ago. One of our other players--who does not like playing the same race twice--was looking for an innovative character idea. So I gave him this one, thinking he would never try it.

Well, he did. And he died within one session to the attack of three giant spiders. A very ignominious end. There was a lot of mocking and laughing. So I've shelved the idea.

For now.


SAROE said...


They LAUGHED at and MOCKED your idea!


There's no shelving in D&D.

You have to take this idea, make it work, and ram it down their scrawny little throats!!

What kind of Goliath puts up shelves, anyway?

Tim Shorts said...

Bah, if Hemmingway would have given his story idea to another writer and they wrote a crappy story would he give up? I have no idea. I never knew the man. He probably would have gotten drunk and punched the guy...and umm, that's the reason you should play him.

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