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03 September 2013

September Blog Meme Challenge Day 3


What is your favorite playable class?

Some of my favorite recent Dwarven characters:
  • Malgrim Irontomb, Rogue
  • Kilvarn Dornkral, Sonnlinor (warrior-priest of Moradin)
  • Thain Dorzring, Paladin
  • Urdin Darjyr, Storm Druid
  • Azarr Stonetower, Barbarian
  • Boric Glanduum, Sonnlinor (warrior-priest of Moradin)
By and large, I've enjoyed what each of these characters brought to the table. Part of it may be the backstory I build into my characters. Part of it is the class itself. I'll be honest, of this list, my LEAST favorite was Thain Dorzring, Paladin. I hated playing the paladin. I didn't like the class, didn't like the build, and I didn't like the character. I couldn't even come up with a likeable backstory for him. But this post isn't about my least favorite playable class, but rather my most favorite. I will be honest, it's a kind of tough decision. It would probably be the dwarven cleric/Sonnlinor. The Sonnlinor originated in 2d Edition AD&D days, a character "kit" presented in Demihuman Deities, if I'm not mistaken. While not as powerful, necessarily, as a straight cleric build, it has a warrior aspect to it -- they are the elite warrior class of Moradin. Now, WotC has come up with some other builds that seem to trump the Sonnlinor, but nothing else had the same flavor.... So my group sat down and created one, just so we could have one in the party. Yep, it's my party's most favorite dwarven class too. Just enough oomph in melee with some divine magic thrown in to balance out the party.

Oh, yeah.

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