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11 September 2012

Monster Mondays on the Horizon

Sigh. My life is busy.

I keep doing it to myself, I suppose. I just don't know when to say "Stop." After all, besides all the chaos in my personal and professional life right now, I'm an active gamer, an active DM, an aspiring writer (aren't we all), and I'm looking at editing several projects for others in the OSR (including the 2012 Secret Santicore I mentioned yesterday).

Well, I'm adding one more thing to that mix. A bloghop; specifically: Tim Brannan's Monstrous Monday October.

Here's the gist: Tim got to counting the Mondays, etc. in the month of October. (That would be FIVE Mondays, by the way.) Then he got thinking that maybe he should post up a new monster on each of those Mondays for all his readers to enjoy. And then, generous soul that he is, he thought that he would share the opportunity with the rest of the blogosphere as well!

Here's the rules:
  1. Sign up on his site
  2. Grab a button and link back to his site
  3. Post your Monster on Monday October 29th 2012!
As far as content? Here's what Tim suggests: "What kind of Monster? Well that is up to you really. I am going to be posting Monster stats. You can do that, or post a monster you like/love/hate, or tell us about the monster in your new book coming out. Anything would be great really."

Now, he's going to go ahead and use each Monday in October as Monstrous Monday. The only "required" date of participation is 10/29/2012. I, however, think I will take the opportunity to do the same as Tim: each Monday in October here at the Stronghold will be Monstrous Monday. And I'm sending out the call to all of you: come on and jump in... the Ooze is fine!

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