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10 September 2012

Community Geomorphs Still Alive!

You may remember me talking about the Community Geomorph Project a few posts back, here and here. Well, Richard's emerged from the August doldrums that we all were feeling (at least, speaking for myself) and has stoked the geomorph flame. The project is still alive and well and back on course. I'd urge any and all of my readers to jump over and participate. Not only is it a good project, but as Richard says, it could be some good free advertising for one's blog once the project sees print.

I'm sure Richard's dreading this: I've got some more submissions to send over and some more ideas in my head. C'mon and join me, will you?

Here's my latest offerings to the cause:

1 comment:

garrisonjames said...

Thanks for the reminder. We've gotten buried the last few weeks. Better get our geomorphs done and out to Richard.

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