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17 September 2012

Canadian Visitors

It's that time of year again, when I send a shout-out to my readers.

If you're reading this site, and you're from Canada, Poland, Australia, the UK, or anywhere else around the world, please drop me a note. I'd love to hear from you. I like to see that my meager scribblings are being enjoyed outside of the lower 48 states. It makes me feel like a blogging version of Phileas Fogg.

Now, don't let that make you think that I don't want to hear from the States. I love hearing from fellow statesiders as well.

Heck, I love hearing from ANYONE.

Look... the comment button is right down here.


Jeremy Murphy said...

I'm definitely one of your Canadian visitors, Eh!

Boric G said...

Welcome, Jeremy!
Thanks for stopping by and pounding on the Keep's door. We'll fix up a guest room for you.

Tedankhamen said...

Canadian in Kyoto here - I peek my head in from time to time. Keep up the good work.

Tim Shorts said...

Bonjour borique, ce Tim, mais je pensais que j'allais lui dire bonjour en français. Même si je ne suis pas français, je peux aller au traducteur et faire semblant.

rainswept said...

Canadian, all too Canadian.

Simon Forster said...

I'm from the UK, London to be precise. Hello!

Boric G said...

@ Tedankhamen and Tim: nice to see you and thanks for stopping by. (Even if you have to use a translator, Tim, you're always welcome!)

@ Rainswept: Thanks for dropping me a line. You're welcome whenever you want!

@ Simon: It's nice to see you again. London is one of my favorite cities; hope to get back there soon. Thanks for saying hi.

I've got the staff working overtime getting guest rooms ready.

Imon Fyre said...

Repping Canada, I found you blog shortly after this post was made. Read everything up till now, and almost done.

Love that I have found a 3.5 blogger, as that is the version I first cut my teeth on a couple years ago.


Boric G said...

@ Mr. Fyre:
You, my friend, are an iron man. Maybe THE Iron Man. That was an impressive feat, to read this blog from day one forward. Welcome, well met, we've got your room ready, and there'll be a mint on yer pilla!

Dyson Logos said...

Canadian as charged!

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