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31 January 2012

Map Monday: Caverns of Sceades, Level One

Awhile back...OK, last November to be exact, I posted up level one of the treacherous Caverns of Sceades. THAT wasn't a Monday either, although I billed it as a "Map Monday" then as well. I also promised some dungeon-stocking and keying to happen in the following week.

Yeah, that didn't happen. What did happen, however, over the past few days is a re-imaging of the first level. I suppose it's a bit of a re-imagining too, but specifically a re-imaging.

It's not perfect, and my skills still aren't what I wish they were, but here's the new Level One of the Caverns of Sceades.

And here's the link to download the .pdf for yourselves.

A few clarifications of the previous description: there is still a shaded-out portion of the lake. I called this a "overhang" previously. Instead, imagine it as a solid rock wall that comes down nearly to the level of the water and which stretches across half of the lake. Also, that little statue room up in the upper left-hand corner? The statue is still there, but you'll notice that the walls of the cave are smoother, more polished than before. That's right: the chamber walls are highly polished and completely smooth, in an almost spherical shape.

As usual, the map is free to use. Just please shoot me a link and a note to let me see how and where you used it.

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