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29 January 2012

2011 Totals

The end of 2011 is well-past, and it's also well-past time to tabulate the numbers for my year-long gaming addiction.

Adventures written: 31
Creatures created: 4
Dice obtained: 105
Game sessions DM'd: 11
Games played: 5
Items created: 7
Maps drawn: 12
Miniatures painted: 1
Miniatures purchased: 120 (5 metal)
NPCs created: 38
Spells scribed: 2
Tables drafted: 3
Terrain constructed: 0

Some of those numbers are quite similar to 2010; some show a stronger addiction dedication to the habit hobby. With the ending of WotC's miniature line, I suppose my miniature numbers will not be as high this year. (I've already purchased some of the Pathfinder minis, and am not overly impressed with many of them--blog entry coming soon on that topic.)

I've done a much better job of keeping the blog current, but not as good as I would like. I'm aiming for at least an entry a week, if not two. As the workload at the firm looks right now, that may be a lofty goal.

Like the year prior, it was a year of considerable stress and family sorrow--even more so than 2010. The game certainly helped, but so did the kind words of my friends out there in the blogosphere.

Keep your dice dry....and here's to another year.

1 comment:

Tim Shorts said...

Very productive. More than me. And that's a lot of dice.

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