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22 November 2011

Map Monday: Caverns of Sceades

OK, I realize that it's no longer Monday, but I had some technical issues and wound up using all of my free time for the entire day yesterday just trying to get the map in a digital format.

But here it is: the first level of the treacherous Caverns of Sceades. Click here for .pdf.

Why are they treacherous? Well, that's completely up to your own devious DM mind. I'd like to see what kind of dungeon-stocking and keying you all can come up with. I'll try and post up my own in a week or so.

Just a couple notes as to the map:
  1. The "bullseye" in the upper left corner of the map? You see it? There in that tiny, almost-inaccessible corridor? That's a statue.
  2. Also, on this .jpg on the blog I've "shaded out" a portion of the lake. If you look at the .pdf, it's not shaded. This is for the DM reference only--it's an overhang that comes down nearly to the level of the water across half of the lake. The walkway only runs around the lake in a crescent and ends abruptly where the overhang sits. The slight 3'-4' slope up from the water proceeds under the overhang and grants a little bit of room between the water and the overhang itself. There is an outflow point in a cave running from under the overhang to the west.
  3. Down in the lower right corner is a set of steps leading down to the next level.
All the rest I'll leave to you.

As usual, the map is free to use. Just please shoot me a link and a note to let me see how and where you used it.
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