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30 November 2011

NaNoWriMo Update: It's Over

Well, I did it.

My final verified total tonight is 54,320 words. Most of it is crap, but it's words on paper that counts at the end of the day. I've proven that I can do it, that I can overcome sickness and adversity. I've found and drawn inspiration from some odd places to finish the "novel." It may not be good, but it's there and done, and mine.

More importantly, I can now return to my normal life--play with the kids, sit with my wife, all that jazz.

Not to sound overly dramatic, but as I walked in the door to the house tonight I honestly felt a little bit like Samwise returning home from his visit to the Grey Havens. I waslked in the house, drew a deep breath, and thought "I'm back."

I'm back, my friends. Thanks for all the kind words of support and good karma you sent my way.

Now.... Let's play

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