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24 October 2011

The Master Thief

After posting pictures of my namesake's miniature representations, I felt that I had to post up images of his closest ally, the Master Thief: Simon.

Simon and Boric have been through Hell and back with each other--side by side and back to back. Because of their joint heroics, Boric has been named Elf-Friend and Simon has been named Dwarf-friend. They've travelled through 2nd. Edition AD&D, Third Edition, 3.5E and now "epic" 3.5E.

Like last week, I will not bore you with tales of the characters' in-game deeds. There are other times and places for that.

Suffice it to say that the deeds performed and weapons wielded are mighty. we'll leave it at that.
Simon --FrontSimon -- Right Side
Simon -- Left SideSimon -- Rear
This, then, is Simon, the Master Thief. At least, his "epic" representation. This is not the first miniature to represent Simon, but the first miniature that I modified and painted for Simon. His player and my good friend "D" handled the first iteration of the miniature.

The original Reaper miniature is wielding a dagger; I quickly removed that and added instead a sword. I managed to separate the blade and the hilt and pinned both to the now-empty left hand. I must apologize, it appears, for the quality of the pictures; they do not do the mini justice. The paint job is actually much darker and does not reflect the light; the light effects are a result of my secondary lighting for the photos.

The paint itself was an Apple Barrel ® color -- one of my favorite "old lady craft paints" that was a greenish-black. For the life of me I cannot remember the name: "storm-something" or "something-night." Maybe even "stormy night." I'll have to dig through my old craft paints and try to find the exact name. Anyway.... Through a fortuitous accident, I rinsed a regular brush in my metallics rinse-water and then did a wash. This, of course, resulted in the deposit of a fine metallic sheen all over the cloak. Which was accidentally perfect since Simon wears an extremely potent magical cloak.

Of course, it also appears that this effect was somewhat lost on my camera, which translated the metal flakes to -- what else -- patches of reflected light. The miniature is much darker and the "magical" effect considerably more subtle in person. -sigh-

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