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21 October 2011

Found Items Friday: Personal Library Additions

Stopped by the used book store this morning on a hunch.

It paid off.

I found myself volumes 9, 10, and 11 of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom series. That leaves only one volume that I need to complete the set: Volume 7--A Fighting Man of Mars. The bonus is that these three are a matched set, all from the same publisher. They're also in much better shape than the first part of the set I picked up.

While I was there, I also picked up nine of the eleven "Sword of Truth" novels by Terry Goodkind. I already had volume 1; now I just need Stone of Tears to complete that set. And yeah, I know there are a lot of you out there who have a problem of one sort or another with these books and would say they're not worth the money to buy. Well, I've read the first five or so and thoroughly enjoyed them--much more than I enjoyed any of the Shannara books.

Oh, they were also only $2.00 a pop. I'd call that "worth it."

Let's dig through the bag a bit more and see what else is there, shall we?

I picked up this little gem for only $2.00 and it's in pristine condition. In fact it hardly looks like it's ever even been opened or used. Now, I don't play any of Palladium's games, so you would think I would have little use for it. But I've been around the OSR long enough to know that ideas and concepts can be morphed and translated from one game to another. Just flipping through the pages in the store I got some great ideas for monsters and creatures to adapt to my D&D campaign(s). Granted, there are a lot of critters in there that could have come straight from either the Fiend Folio or some fevered drug-induced dream (and some would argue those two are not mutually exclusive). However, there are still some ideas that made two bucks worth it.

I also found this treasure. Buried in my father's study. A first edition Atlas Shrugged. Pristine condition. Tight binding and flawless dustcover. This one's coming home with me; I have a perfect spot on the shelf in my study. Of course, this means that I now have to dig through his other books, authors and titles about which I have no knowledge, and see what other nifty things may be present. Time to put Google to work for me.

Last item of the day: The complete Chronicles of Amber. This one was a bit pricier, but still a pretty good discount. It set me back $12.00 and there's a bit more wear to the book than I would normally wish, but it's in one piece. I'd never read any of the Amber titles before, so I had to immediately open it up and start reading. Not exactly what I was expecting but not bad. An enjoyable read so far; I just hope it's worth it in the end. It should be: I've already got a few ideas for my next campaign.

Man.... It's a good thing payday isn't for another week. Otherwise I'd run right out to the store again and overdraft my account. There was a little stash of some other treasures; I'm just going to have to hope they're still there in a couple weeks.

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