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31 October 2011

Avengers Assemble! Hallowe'en Edition

No great content today--too much to do on my last day to prepare for a month of seclusion. (NaNoWriMo begins tomorrow, after all.)

Snapshot_20111031_5But to make sure my geek cred lasts the month, I give you my cheap and easy budget Hallowe'en costume this year. Yes, the firm actually told us to go ahead and dress up. Unfortunately, I wasn't in the mood for Robin Hood or a pirate this year. This was the best I could muster. And yes, I've already been asked twice: "What are you supposed to be?"

To which I respond with a look of scorn and answer with derision, "Only the symbol of American Freedom: Captain America!"

Sadly, actually, that's where most of the scorn and derision comes in...and it's focused towards me.

Happy Hallowe'en, all!

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