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08 July 2015

[The Stronghold 'Zine] Heartwarming Thanks!

This past week I received a heartwarming e-mail from a reader thanking me for The Stronghold. Through some further correspondence with +Jarrett Crader, the story deepened and the gratitude became even more heartwarming. I've received Jarrett's permission to share (names have been redacted).
Heya- thanks for putting out an extremely handy zine. Both issues thus far have been great! I used the nose picking section of #1 several times and I am going to make Quimby's Pets into a solo mini-campaign for one of my younger players. She's 9 and plays a 5e/BX hybrid with me and I am always looking for shorter fetch quests that don't tax a single player but don't also force me to be the voice of multiple hirelings. Procuring some of the rarer specimens for Quimby should provide us with several adventures worth of material.
Also, the fart table will be used in every possible campaign I ever run- I am a huge fan of bodily excursions and CON/Fort saves. Awesome s**t! Oh and I have a mid level table of 5e that will be running into a gholl very soon. Keep breathing new life into the game and I'll keep buying. Cheers!

[The 9-year-old's dad] works at one of the coffee shops I frequent (and that my girlfriend used to work at) and she was always fascinated with the dice and books that I had at the table. She is a regular in our 5e public play and is also one of the players in my girlfriend's all-girl group (which consists of the 9 year old and three 13 year olds plus one of the girl's moms. We have a great core of kids that game at our FLGS ... including one table of young people being DMed by a young person as well as two boys that are total rules lawyers (but in a good way!) It's content like the fart table that introduces different dice/gameplay mechanics than the usual 5e stuff that helps keep the young ones engaged and the adults will totally laugh like crazy.
 When I thanked him for helping introduce younger players to the game, and particularly younger female players, this was his terrific response:
I figure we're all paying it forward, right? I was lucky enough to learn BX from my uncle in '82 and since I don't have children of my own I want to pass on the tradition to another generation. Kids these days are lucky- they get to draw from 40 years of the game/hobby. I can't wait until I get to break their game someday!

Kudos to Jarrett for his good work promoting the hobby and a great big thanks for a glowing review. If you don't understand Jarrett's comments, you can pick up your own copies of Issues #1 and #2 here, at Blue Moon Ink Press.

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christian said...

There's lots of love for the zine! My son and I really enjoyed the issues you sent us. I even put the map you doodled for me to good use on my blog. Thanks so much for the extra effort!

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