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04 March 2013

Happy GM's Day

I'm sure that y'all know by now it's International GM's Day...no, seriously. It really is. My own DM didn't know that this was "a thing" until I told him.  Of course, then we had to discuss the irony and coincidence that Gary Gygax just happened to pass away in 2008 on GM's Day. Almost along the lines of Jefferson and Adams both passing away on July 4 within a few hours of each other. Even though I'm a bit late, I need to get my well-wishes in to all the GM's I know: both those who've run games I've been in and those I only know by reputation.

Kudos to you all! Thanks for all the hard work you put in, the critters you create just to watch them die within seconds, the intricate traps you prepare just to watch adventurers bypass the entire section of adventure, and for the hours competition-class paint jobs on miniatures that see a five-minute life on the table.

Keep your dice dry, and may you receive everything to which you're entitled today!

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Mark CMG said...

Happy GM's Day! :)

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