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08 March 2013

Game Night: Highs and Lows

Ahhh. It's game night. I need this tonight. Real life has been extra tough lately, as I may have mentioned in previous posts. It's a game night of highs and lows, however.

  • High: The start of a new campaign, with a new DM rotating into the seat behind the screen.
  • Low: The announcement last week that a member of our group was hanging up his dice and PHB.
  • High: The joy of a new character, and a new character class for me. I've never played a rogue before.
  • Low: The miniature for my new character has still not arrived at my FLGS and so I'm stuck with a pre-painted plastic miniature that doesn't really represent my character.
  • High: I get to use my new dice. Oh yeah, I got new dice. Picked up the set at my FLGS when I went to check on the miniature for my new character. 
  • Low: Some nagging physical ailments are causing me repeated "breaks" and "intermissions" from the table.
  • High: Hey...it's a game night. That outweighs everything, right?
It looks like my highs outweigh the lows. It's a good night.

Here's hoping you all have a good gaming weekend. Keep your dice dry, eh? And give us a report when the weekend is over.

1 comment:

Digital Orc said...

How'd the new DM do?

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