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26 July 2012

[From the Mailbag] Runed by Pathfinder

Around these parts, the 24th of July is a state holiday, one for which our firm closes down. This year, with it falling on a Tuesday I figured there was no reason to work on Monday and so I took a long four-day weekend.

While I was away from the firm, I got a package. A package of goodness and light that was awaiting me when I returned. Something to salve the pain of returning to work.

I had THIS.

Five years ago, I had the chance to sign up for the Adventure Path. The first one. I almost did. I couldn't convince myself or my wife that it was worth it. It took me a long time. Last year I picked up my first Adventure Path: Carrion Crown. I enjoyed it thoroughly; just waiting to finish my current adventure with my kids to throw them into this one. Then I picked up the next one: Jade Regent. I've never liked having fortune cookies in my D&D, but having lived in the Orient for several years, I thought I'd try it out and see. I was right--I didn't enjoy it as much...but I have monsters, I have ideas. Then came the pirate Adventure Path. I don't even know what it was called. I. Don't. Like. Pirates. In. My. RPG. (I know, this is heresy in some circles.) So I canceled my subscription.

Since the second Adventure Path, I've regretted not picking up the Rise of the Runelords. As I said, some of the ones since have not been that enjoyable to me. But I enjoyed the ideas and the presentation enough that when the Rise of the Runelords was announced I started saving. And saving. And saving.

And now it's here.

And the potential adventures are just lining up for my kids and my players.

It looks terrific. Nice sturdy hard-bound. Glossy pages. I'm told it has new artwork and new material. Granted, there are some things missing: Paizo did not want to repeat creatures, items, and rules that have since become part of the Core Rules. They updated it to formal Pathfinder rules. It's PURTY. I haven't had a lot of time to actually thumb through it, but I've discovered one problem with it. A big one.

The problem? Now I have to take a serious look at the upcoming pre-painted plastic mini release from Paizo.... The Rise of the Runelord miniature set.

Time to start saving.

And saving. And saving.

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christian said...

As a GM, my pea-brain was a little maxed out, but as a player I really liked Pathfinder. I miss Huri Keyfate, my dwarven trogue-wizard.

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