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09 July 2012

[From the Mailbag] Oh Frabjous Day!

Callooh! Callay!

When I came galumphing into the office today, I had to chortle with joy because of what awaited me.

Sitting on my desk were two brown cardboard mailers. Inside I found these:

RPGNow came through with my print copy of Barrowmaze and Lulu came through with my print copy of the d30 DM Companion.

A mailbag full of Gaming Goodness and inspiration. I can't wait to get home and break these open. I have reading material for the evening. Hopefully I can get to running Barrowmaze soon so I can get a review posted up.

Admit it.... After just a bit of uffish thought...you're just a little jealous, aren't you?


Digital Orc said...

Yes, I am green! I've been eyeing Barrowmaze for a while.

Tim Shorts said...

Yes I am. I have both in PDF, but want both in print.

kiltedyaksman said...

Thanks man. Nergal and I thank you.

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