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20 July 2012

A Grim Day

I had several posts that were nearly ready to go live today. One in particular that I was quite excited about.

All that changed when I heard the news coming from Aurora, Colorado. I have friends and family that live in Denver and Aurora. I haven't been able to reach them yet; I don't know whether that's because of the early hour or something more dire.

Needless to say, I won't be posting anything about gaming today. It's a game, and a darn fun one, but it's only a game. This is real life. This is tragedy.

This is Evil at work.

It is a grim day.

As a gun owner, I pray that this creep won't color the rest of us in the eyes of the public.

As an attorney, I pray that everyone waits to get the full story before running off half-cocked, strewing blame about without cause or reason and pointing fingers. I would also pray that everyone remember that the suspect is innocent until proven guilty.

As an American, I pray for the community, that it can come together, remember what is most important in life, and most importantly, HEAL from this.

As a human being, I pray for the victims and their families. My thoughts and prayers are truly with them this morning. I cannot even imagine the pain, the grief, and the horror that has enveloped the lives of those in Aurora--and indeed, across the country--that have friends or relations that were involved in this nightmare.

Join with me. Kneel. Remove your helms and lay down your arms. Bow your head. Remember the victims and their families. May God bless them and comfort them.

God bless us all.

1 comment:

Tim Shorts said...

Hope everyone is well Boric. Horrible stuff.

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