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19 August 2014

Printing Press Installed at the Stronghold

This post serves as the formal announcement. The Stronghold is about to see print.

Well, OK... "about" is a relative term. But it's in the process.

That's right. A 'Zine is on its way. Inspiration such as Christian Walker, Tim Shorts, Dylan Hartwell, and Matt Jackson has made me yearn to have my own musings put into black and white and mailed out to various and sundry parts of the world.

Or at least that's my hope.

There's going to be a definite 3.X Edition focus; that's just how I roll. Of course, there'll be some system neutral stuff, some fiction, some tables, maps, NPCs. Everything that you've come to expect from the Stronghold.

And that'll be it's name: The Stronghold.

Yeah, I was inspired by Tim's "The Manor"--I had a couple other thoughts for titles but he gave his thumbs up (and blessing) to "The Stronghold."

The first few articles are penned. I just need a little more stuff, some art, and then figure out how to assemble it all together. I REALLY don't need to try and learn new software right now. We'll see how it goes. I also have to figure out the whole OGL and copyright thing.


Tim Shorts said...

This is great to hear. And I am holding you to is Boric!

Digital Orc said...

Awesome! I'm confident it will be great! Feel free to grab and use any of my art if you feel so inclined.

The Happy Whisk said...

Very very cool beaners. Excited to see the first issue.

PS: Got your comment. Oy, that show gives couponers the WORST name. So much cheating and breaking of rules. What a shame. Horrible. But the math is right.

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