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05 May 2014

[A to Z April] Z is for Zekri's Brain Wound (poison)

Zekri's Brain Wound is a vicious, powerful poison. Fortunately, the process of creating the poison is sufficiently difficult--and the ingredients involved rare enough--that it is not commonly available or widespread in use. The main ingredient in the poison is calcified brain dust made from the brain of an illithid.

In order to preserve the freshness and vitality of Brain Wound, it is stored and sold in small wax vials, each one topped with a small wax cap. The unmarked vial holds only a single dose. The innocent and simple wax cylinder belies the horror contained within.

Brain Wound itself is a bright scarlet powder that turns colorless when mixed with liquid, at which time it can be identified by its smell of wet dog. The smell quickly dissipates when it is thoroughly mixed. The taste of vinegar remains, however. As a result, those who now how to use it, know how to use it only with strong-flavored drink or food to mask its taste.

In addition to the powerful effect of the poison, Brain Wound has an immediate side effect. Within one round of ingesting the poison, the victim begins to hallucinate, believing that the ground is gently rumbling and trembling, as if there was a small earthquake in the vicinity. This effect lasts only until the onset of the more serious symptoms.

Zekri's Brain Wound
Type: poison (ingested); Save: Fortitude DC 18
Onset: 1 minute; Frequency: Once every 1/2 hour for 12 hours
Initial Effect: 1d2 Wis and Int damage
Secondary Effect: 1d4 Wis OR Int damage (alternating) Once every 1/2 hour for 12 hours

Cure: 2 consecutive saves

Cost: 1000 gp per dose (powder)

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