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22 November 2013

[From the Mailbag] Nothing from Golarion

Yeah, I know. I promised crunchy stuff this week, not more mailbag stuff. But depression hits different people different ways. Some people stay in bed, or curl up on the couch with a bag of Doritos and a stack of DVDs. Others get out the gallon-size bucket of ice cream and a warm spoon. Still others buy shoes, ties, or purses.

With me it's minis.

Well, it's some of the other things too, but this week it was minis that I used to try and salve my emotions. It helped that they were sent to me on a 2-day priority. (Oddly, it was their cheapest delivery option too!) And the box came today.

I was feeling a bit depressed and overworked--stressed to the hilt--and then THIS happened.
Yep. Those are three large bundles of pore-painted plastic minis wrapped up in brown-paper-anonymous goodness. One of the minis I ordered apparently vanished from the inventory before the seller filled my order, so it WAS one mini short. But the other 47 made up for it.

That's right. I said 47.

This is a group of Mage Knight, HorrorClix, and Dreamblade minis. The great thing about this deal is that I found a great discount sale price and the whole lot cost me less than 50¢ apiece. The downside--and this may be buyer's remorse talking here--is their size. Most of these had no size reference in the original pictures and I forget that these brands are not always compatible (size-wise) with the Pathfinder and Wizards plastic minis. Also the bases are unwieldy and I'm not sure where I'm going to store these. Space in my current mini-storage is at a premium and I don't know how I can conveniently expand. I need to put a picture of my mini storage up here to explain that. Someday. But for now, they'll probably find their way into a small cardboard box, or in the nooks and crannies of my current storage system.

So: Pics. I really didn't want to load up the blog with lots of individual images of these beasties, so I took a group photo, I'll give a list, and let y'all look up pictures if you're really interested. Or you can ask me and I'll give some detailed photos if you really want. Otherwise, just keep on reading....

It's safe to say that this mini is the most gruesome mini I own. This is the little single-wrapped guy in the last picture that's sitting atop all the brown paper bundles. He is Vlad the Impaler. This guy was apparently a limited edition Con exclusive. Not sure which Con, but there you have it. I can see him as a big boss, or even as a statue in a town square. (C'mon. You tell me visiting a town with HIM memorialized in the town square would not be a blast to visit.) I was actually tempted to buy a number of these and cut the spears down, mod them a bit with some plasticard poles or skewers, and build a little bit of scenery for PCs to walk through: The Field of Impaled.
>I saw this woodcut when I was a small child and, to this day, it's still the first thing that comes to mind when I hear "Vlad the Impaler." Seriously. Just for that reason alone, I may have to break down and order a bunch of these minis, just to cut them apart, mod them, and base them. I think it would freak my players out. "Mess them up real bad," so to speak. I don't go in for the whole "baby killing" and "virgin sacrificing" BBEG too often, but a field of impaled townspeople? Yeah, I think I'm willing to do that.

Because you can always use another elemental or gorilla.
OK. This was the first bundle out of the box.
Back Row:
∙ Beetleback Mass #33 DB Chrysotic Plague (2)
∙ Crypt Worm #144 MK Rebellion (2)
Middle Row:
∙ Ropestrung Scarecrow #43 DB Chrysotic Plague (2)
∙ Faceless Stalker #35 DB Base Set (2)
∙ Blade Golem #055 MK Rebellion (2
∙ Living Elemental #070 MK Rebellion
Front Row:
∙ Lab Gorilla #063 HC The Lab
∙ Screeching Terror #084 MK Rebellion
∙ Museum Wanderer #010 HoC Nightmares (2)
∙ Throttle Worms #016 MK Sinister
∙ Throttle Worms #017 MK Sinister
∙ Blood Demon #008 MK Sorcery

And this would be the second bundle out of the box.
Back Row:
∙ Bone Golem #077 ST (NS) MK Unlimited (2)
∙ Zombie Centaur #036 MK 2.0 (2)
∙ Skulk #016 MK Pyramid (2)
∙ Feral Bloodsucker #034 MK Rebellion (2)
∙ Crystal Bladesman #021 MK Rebellion (2)
Middle Row:
∙ Chimeric Worm #053 MK Minions
∙ Tomb Skeleton #009 MK Pyramid
∙ Zombie #026 MK
∙ Guild Enhancer #058 MK 2.0 (2)
Front Row:
∙ Demi-magus #011 MK Rebellion

Because a were-rhino and giant hairless dire rats say it all.
And then, finally, the last bundle. These are some of the ones whose sizes really threw me off...especially the "Butcher" mini. He's at least a Large size Pathfinder mini.
Back Row:
∙ Bloodcut Behemoth #46 DB Baxar's War
∙ Ooktolok #26 DB Baxar's War (2)
∙ Clawkiller #35 DB Baxar's War (2)
∙ Hellshrieker #60 DB Base Set
∙ Maul Rat #55 DB Baxar's War (2)
∙ Butcher #33 DB Baxar's20 (2)
Front Row:
∙ Devil Imp #022 HC Base Set
∙ Tickler #072 HC Base Set

Sigh. Now I can spend the weekend deciding where and how to store these. Thanks for letting me share my good fortune these past few weeks. I am working on crunchy stuff. I promise.

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Digital Orc said...

Looks fun. Gotta make a cool display now, eh? Are you running out of room in your study? Maybe it's time to move the A-Team van?

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