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01 November 2013

Found Item Friday: Battalion Mage's Desk

Seandi peeked around the tent's door, holding the fabric back with one long, delicate finger. There was no one visible within the tent; the coast was clear. Taking no chances, however, she slipped quietly between the tent flaps and quickly tip-toed across the inner space. As her lithe form crossed to the far side, her eyes flickered constantly around her, never once focusing on her true goal: the traveling desk of Master Alashor, Battle Mage for the 6th Battalion, Army of the Frozen Brand.

Her employer had said he would pay dearly for any items she could find on--and in--Alashor's desk. Now she just had to inventory the items and pack them away before she was discovered. Let the others worry about how they were going to get her back out from the middle of the enemy army.

Seandi grinned. She liked a good challenge.

Twenty Things Found in Master Alashor's Desk
  1. A packet of six 6" wooden dowels, tied with a purple ribbon.
  2. The heel (stale) from a loaf of bread.
  3. A shard from a broken looking glass.
  4. Four unmatched buttons.
  5. The stubs of two beeswax candles.
  6. Five cherry pits.
  7. A chunk of brimstone.
  8. One spool, made from clay.
  9. The remains of a large, hairy spider in a 4" bamboo cage.
  10. A dead newt floating in a fishbowl.
  11. A dead tortoise in a jar filled with an orange-tinged liquid.
  12. A 12"-long leather cord.
  13. A dessicated orange rind, peeled as one piece.
  14. Three dried peppers.
  15. A soiled handkerchief.
  16. Two peach pits.
  17. A pixie's skull, apparently suspended in a small crystal ball.
  18. One silver sewing needle.
  19. A skeleton key.
  20. A carved wooden whistle.

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