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18 October 2013

[From the Mailbag] Son of The Unboxing of Golarion

Well, you gluttons of punishment, you're back for more, eh? Yesterday didn't scare you off? Or maybe it piqued your interest? Either way, let's go ahead and finish up the accounting from the Legends of Golarion minatures set from Paizo/Pathfinder.

I'm going to start this entry out with the medium-sized humanoids new to my collection.

From left to right we have: the common Tooth Gang Knifer; the rare Beatific One; the uncommon Thrune Agent; and the uncommon Eagle Knight (of which I got two). The knifer makes a good NPC thug/rogue, while the Thrune Agent and the Eagle Knights make some good medium- to high-level town guards. The Agent could actually make a reasonable PC class, for that matter. The Beatific One is a hard one for me to gauge. I don't really like the multi-limbed minis all that much, and this one adds two additional faces to the head.

Yes, you read that correctly. Three faces. I'd never encountered these before, so I had to look them up. They're apparently outsiders who are deadly foes of the divine; the beatific ones exemplify their race's ideal of purity. That may be true, but I'm guessing she's going to be stuck in my mini boxes for QUITE a while.

This set also features some giants and some various races of genies.
I am now the proud owner of the uncommon Marsh Giant (who looks more like a toad demon than does the actual Toad Demon) and the rare Shaitan. The Shaitan is one of the genies, an Earth genie, apparently, although she could double for a giant in a pinch. Although I have to say: the pose they decided to use is a bit...well...I'm imagining a 12-foot-tall Olivia Newton John for some reason. And not just because she was one of my first crushes.

That brings us to the monkeys. There are a lot of monkeys in this set. OK, when I say "a lot" it's relative, because really: how often do you really see monkeys in a set of miniatures? Fortunately, I pulled two of the three monkeys that I wanted; the third is already on order. The fourth is just too ridiculously expensive as a single miniature to warrant buying it, unfortunately. Anyway, I digress. The two I got are the commmon Charau-ka (basically an intelligent spear-wielding baboon) and ... wait for it ... the common Monkey Swarm. I liked this one so much I immediately ordered a handful more.

[Aside: back two decades ago, before my wife and I celebrated our first Hallowe'en together, we were wandering through a local costume shop and I found the most amazing foam latex demonic teddy bear decoration. It was pure evil. It had started out cute, but claws had shredded their way out through the paws, the thing had grown fangs, and the eyes were an evil, evil red. She wouldn't let me get it, saying that it would terrify our children (once we had some) and she wouldn't let it in the house. I passed it up, being a good dutiful husband; I have never been able to find it since that day. The monkeys in the swarm remind me of that teddy bear. End aside.]

Finally we come to what I class as the Monsters. Yeah, I know, most or all of these could fall under that heading. There's one that could have been an animal, another humanoid, etc. But these all just seemed to fit as "monsters."

First there's the large-sized, uncommon Calikang. He's followed by the uncommon Ulat-Kini (fish man), the uncommon Tatzlwyrm, and two of the serpentfolk in this set: the common Degenerate Serpentfolk and the uncommon Serpentfolk Mystic. The third serpentfolk in the set, the High Priestess, is another one of those ridiculously-priced rare minis that is nearly impossible to justify to one's self. However, the Tatzlwyrm has already featured prominently in one of my PBEM campaigns and scared my players witless. Needless to say there's a few more of those on order. You can never tell when you need a swarm of Tatzlwyrm falling from the trees. [CUE wicked laugh.]

Well. That's it for now. If you made it this far, thanks for sticking with me. I'll try and update these posts when my next order comes in. That should be within the next week or so. Until then, keep your dice dry, my friends.

**Pictures courtesy of www.pathfinderminis.com, a place I never knew existed until this week.

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