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21 October 2013

[From the Mailbag] Return of the Son of the Unboxing of Golarion

The mailman hadn't even hit the next building yet before I got the box opened. Most of what I got today were duplicates of my favorites from the Legends of Golarion Pathfinders Battles set I opened last week. Specifically, I picked up a few more Tatzlwyrms, Degenerate Serpentfolk, and some more Monkey Swarms.

But I picked up a few more individual minis that had piqued my interest.
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First, I felt I simply had to round out the kobold collection for this set. I picked up the uncommon Kobold Chieftain for that purpose. Like I said last time, you can never have too many goblins or kobolds, at least in my humble opinion. If nothing else, the prospect of seeing the awe in your players' faces when you drop handful after handful of minis on the table is simply irresistible. I've done it. There's often a mixed look of despair, unbelief, and awe.

When I saw the uncommon Slurk, I knew I had to have one. Or more. I found them at a good enough price that I added two to my collection. I've been wanting these ever since I first picked up the Pathfinder module, Crown of the Kobold King. This one was Paizo's first ever module and is one that I've been running recently as a PBEM. Giant toad minis just don't have the same effect. WizKids designed this one in clear plastic, with some paint on top so that it has a very slimy, gooey feel to it. Very nicely done, I must say.

[Aside: the Kobold King from this set, Merlokrep, is a major figure in the Crown of the Kobold King module as well. It was a nice touch to have both of these minis in this set. End aside.]

The uncommon Hellknight Scourge is exactly that: a Hellknight wielding a scourge. While I don't like his helm too much, it's a good evil character to throw down on the table. He'd make a good companion for a death knight, or several hellknights (of varying kind) would go well together. He's definitely a good anti-paladin. A few of these type are certainly enough to cause the average party no small bit of heartburn and trouble. I also don't like the coloring on this figure; it's more of a bluish-grey than a black. However, I must say that I DO like the effect WizKids pulled off with his cloak. It completely surrounds the figure and covers his feet. He looks as if he is rising out of a wreath of flames, flames that ultimately reach up to cloak this evil knight.

Finally, the flying monkey. Yep. A flying monkey. These aren't Elphaba's flying monkeys, however. These are flying apes, named Derhii. The Pathfinder Wiki places their homeland south of the Mwangi Expanse and explain that these "giant aerial apes are servants of the ancient Shory empire. They served as troops and guardians for their enormous flying cities. They were no mere slave race however, but served as valued allies." These uncommon Large-size minis were a bit pricey; however, I just had to have one--partly to say I had a flying monkey in my collection, but also to see the looks on my players' faces when they see the flying monkey in my collection.

Well, that's all for now. Time to go try and fit these in my mini cases. And plan on devious ways to use them.

**Pictures courtesy of www.pathfinderminis.com, a place I never knew existed until this week.


christian said...

I love the Cthulhu moonbeast from that line. I will have to pick up a few. That winged gorilla is pretty sweet, too. :)

christian said...

Okay, I just got back from dropping $50 on Pathfinder minis. Darn you for showing off all yer pretty plastic!

+shakes fist+

Boric G said...

Sorry, Christian. Know that I feel your pain. Honestly. I've done it far too often before.

But what I really want to know is if you got your moonbeast?

christian said...

I am ashamed to admit that I got, like, five so that I could have a pack of moon beasts!

Boric G said...

That's nothing to be ashamed of.
I have a lot of minis that I've bought in 3, 4, 5, or 6 just so I can have packs.
Please tell me that's nothing to be ashamed of....
No, really...Please?

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