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04 June 2012

The 'Zine That Ate The Stronghold!

Y'all know that I like 'zines. We won't belabor that point. But now I've come to a place where I need some help and advice from you 'zine lovers (and 'zine publishers) out there.

They're taking over The Stronghold.

I need storage suggestions. The full-size 8.5" x 11" 'zines are fairly easily managed. Dungeon Crawl and Wizards Mutants Laser Pistols both went into sheet protectors into their own binders. Encounter (when it was still being published, at least) went straight into a plain three-ring binder and Lapsis Calumni, for now, remains digitally-available on my laptop, simply because I haven't decided the best course of action, printing-wise.

But what to do with digest-sized Loviatar and The Manor? I really don't want to hole-punch these, after all, to put in a "short" three-ring binder. I have debated using regular magazine storage solutions, but the digest-sized 'zines will be dwarfed by the size difference. I've thought about Ikea storage boxes and Rubbermaid/Tupperware solutions, but they don't seem overly shelf-friendly. What I'd dearly love is a binder that uses vertical elastic straps rather than rings to hold the 'zines inside. Something that you'd imagine seeing in an old library. I would imagine such a creature would be expensive and not really as good of a solution as one would imagine (the elastic bands could not be tight enough to hold the 'zines tightly enough, for example). Try as I might, I cannot find such a beastie anyway.

I don't want my 'zines to get lost, spindled, folded, or mutilated. But the solution has to be reasonably-priced, shelf-friendly, and protective. So far, such a solution evades me.

So I throw the question out to you, my friends. Any suggestions? What do y'all use for your 'zines?


Tim Shorts said...

I just redid my gaming shelves and I ran into the same problem with the digest sized books. I don't have an easy solution either. I know in the past when I collected magazines they had these plastic things that you straddled the binding and the plastic things were placed in the three ring binder. Not sure if they have them for digest size and they were kind of expensive it I remember correctly.

Tim Shorts said...


Here is an example of what I mentioned.

The Happy Whisk said...

Hmmmm. Is the magazine storage box high enough that you could stack two rows of zines in them, without damage to the zines?

Sine Nomine said...

They can be a touch pricey, but the Hollinger company is more or less the last word in archival boxing. For digest-sized documents the usual handling is to get one of their rectangular flip-top boxes and then simply file them two abreast upright in the box.

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