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07 May 2012

D+D=(πR²)∞ or Something Like That

This so TOTALLY describes a player in my group. Maybe every group has one, I don't know. But this is something that he would stay up nights creating.

This is a man who once took an hour of a gaming session calculating falling damage and terminal velocity in 2nd Edition AD&D game terms.

This is a man who worked the numbers and MacGyverred a short-range nuclear missle from a +2 javelin and some miscellaneous alchemical and magical items.

This is a man who.... Well, you get the idea. Like I said, it may be true that every group has one, I consider ours to be the best. He's not only an engineer, he's a chemist, loves geology and fossils, and works for the Government in a forensic role. I'm an English major and an attorney: all that "math stuff" is arcane writing to me. I look up to this guy for what he knows and what he does. What he does in the game? Well, I have to respect that too, even though it causes no end of trouble.

Remember the story from last month about an NPC who had a ranger's wolf scare him? That actually happened over a decade ago. It was our engineer's wolf; this was the ranger who designed the "javelin of destruction."

Suffice it to say: the "crying stableboy who peed himself" is legendary around our table now.

It's become one of our catch-phrases and one of our favorite memories. In fact, NONE of his characters is allowed to speak to children for this very reason.

I don't think I'm going to let him see this picture, though. It may give him ideas.

**h/t to Tom at Yawning Portal for the image.

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