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15 March 2012

Thank Heavens for History!


Some of you may remember my post from yesterday about losing my memory of a comment I made on somebody's blog about a game mechanic/item/thingy that I liked so much I wanted to convert it for 3.X edition use.

If you don't remember, feel free to scroll down and read it again.

Or don't, because I just gave you the essence of my problem at the heart of my post.

Anyway, whether you remember or not, or re-read it or not...here's the gist of today's post: I FOUND IT.

Of course, I had to search through two weeks of daily internet use in my browser's history. And no, I DON'T know why I have it set to save three weeks' worth of browsing.

But I found the link. Here it is, in case you're wondering: Dwarven Sprue.

Now I just have to find the time to play with it and 3E-tweak it.

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