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05 February 2017

[Inktober 2016] Day 29—The Tombs of Jarra Cavernfire

The Tombs of Jarrra Cavernfire
(keyword: secret)

The tombs of this ancient Dwarven queen appear simple at first: three sarcophagi and three massive coffers,  emptied long ago . A secret door leads to an empty chamber; a priceless repeater hangs in the far wall. The floor is warded: any creature(s) that cross 3/4 of the floor fall through the floor 50' down to a floor of spikes. If the party contains a Dwarven priest (LG), the floor instead solidifies and tilts downward, revealing a surprise.

A series of rooms hold the remains of Jarra's Priestesses, piles of weapons, and coffers filed with treasure. Beware: other deadly traps and invasive vermin are in these lower halls.

A hardy and intrepid party will find its way to the grand hexagonal sarcophagus of Jarra herself. If she is disturbed, she will quickly rise to wreak her vengeance.

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