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07 July 2016

[The Stronghold 'Zine] Bride of the Son of the 'Zine

Just a short visit to say that work on Issue #3 of the Stronghold is not only progressing, but we're at about 75%-80% the way there.

I had no idea it was going to take this long; real life has been busier and commitments more numerous, but the light in the tunnel is getting brighter. Artwork is in process and one last article and one map appear to be the last content necessary. Once those are done, there's the proofreading and then assembly and sales time!

Thanks to all my friends who have and continue to support me with good karma, prayers, and positive messages. They've been much appreciated. I have managed to get one door into my past professional life mostly closed. Some obligations still exist and will exist for the next few years. But the worst albatrosses around my neck appear to have been plucked, skinned, and roasted. I'm in the process of considering a complete change of career altogether, as my current situation is not improving and does not look like it can improve. But that's a discussion for another day.

Until then, be aware that I still have some copies of Issues #1 and #2. If you haven't picked one up yet, or know of someone that might like one, the links can be found below, or at Blue Moon Ink's website.

Issue #1


Issue #2


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Tim Shorts said...

Congrats Boric. Keeping them coming.

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