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19 March 2014


Well, It's been two weeks since I last checked in. The burnout from 31 straight days of blogging is fading. And what have I been doing? Let's see....

Well, I took great advantage of the GM Day Sale over at DriveThru RPG. Also took advantage of a referral over to Noble Knight Games...thanks Pat at Under Seige for THAT little referral. GRIN. My DM is prepping a new campaign for us and complained about not having enough gnolls...so that was another little purchase. Accordingly, I've updated my "Year to Date Purchases" page. What I haven't added to my Purchases page is all the Tarzan, Conan, and other OOP titles I've picked up in my used book store hauntings.

I'm gearing up for the A to Z April Challenge. I performed a similar random rigamarole as last year (I think--I couldn't find my spreadsheet from last year, so I had to start from scratch) and I actually have all my letters filled in with topics and names. Of course, as in years past, I reserve the right to change topics and names throughout the month to accommodate writer's block the creative spark.

As far as the real-life, personal stuff.... The nearly-eighteen-year-old is continuing to cause grief and drama. (This one is available to sale to the highest bidder.) The firm is still struggling. Ebeneezer ran it further into the ground that he disclosed, and every month new revelations continue to occur. Advertising would be key, but without money to even feed my family (my staff gets paid first, after all) it's difficult to look at advertising options. Of course, if any of my readers have any marketing or advertising experience, I'd love to chat and pick your brains. And yes, I say this in nearly the same breath as discussing recent purchases. I will confess freely that I've done some denial/depression buying to somehow ease the stress.

And that's about it for life at the Stronghold. I've got some various ideas percolating that I hope to share with you soon.

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