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21 January 2013

2012 Totals

2012 is now in the rear-view mirror, and just barely beyond the first hill. It's time to tabulate the year-long game-related accomplishments.

Adventures written: 2
Creatures created: 15
Dice obtained: 26
Games played: 10
Game sessions DM'd: 16
Items created: 9
Maps drawn: 45
Miniatures painted: 2
Miniatures purchased: 121 (+4 metal received as gifts)
NPCs created: 19
Spells scribed: 13
Feats Learned 1
Tables drafted: 1
Terrain constructed: 0

So...how does this compare to 2011? Well:
  • I drafted only 6.5% of the adventures this year; I chalk that up to the loss of the Short Adventure September.
  • Nearly four times the number of critters was born.
  • There was "only" almost 25% of the number of dice obtained. This was either self-control or lack of effort.
  • I played in double the amount of games this year, almost one per month. This is, for our group, pretty good. 2011 was a bad year because of some DM issues.
  • I managed almost 1.5 times the number of DM sessions, due mainly to the continuation of an PBEM campaign.
  • While I managed only two more items created this year, I scribbled out almost four times the number of maps. I'm kinda proud of that number there.
  • I doubled my "painted lead" output this past year; I hope to blow that total out of the water this year.
  • I increased that miniature horde this year, and barely eked out a total barely over last years total. However, I'm amused by my prediction from one year ago: I was not overly impressed by the Pathfinder miniatures and didn't expect to have a high miniature total in 2012. Hah! Pathfinder managed to increase the quality of the sculpts and paint jobs, as well as issuing some unique and interesting sculpts.
  • Again because of that pesky Short Adventure September, only 50% of the NPCs were born.
  • My spellbook grew in size with 6.5 times the number of spells scribed versus 2011.
  • Only 33% of the number of tables was drafted. (That sounds better than saying "only one.")
  • For the second straight year, no terrain was constructed. Sigh. 
I'm going to shoot for some increased blogging; January hasn't been too productive, but I've still got time. 2012 was a year of stress and frustration, both on a personal and professional level. Health issues, family issues, and financial issues all came to bear on me, but again: the hobby and the friends made through the hobby helped make it survivable.

Everyone join me in a toast: raise your dice cups high and keep them d20s dry. Here's to 2013!


Ken Harrison said...

Groovy. Kind of like reading Bill James. I like it.

Tim Shorts said...

To a better 2013 and more stuff!

The Happy Whisk said...

Sorry 2012 ended so poorly. Here's to a kick-butt 2013 :-)

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