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20 February 2012

Mini-map Monday: Nothingness Unsaved

I was sailing along, manipulating the GIMP like a mad man this morning. I was going to have a new mini-map all ready for the world by lunch.

And then I tried to add a secret door. The "text" function froze the GIMP. Everything else on my work desktop functioned. Not the GIMP. It was stuck somewhere in between my typing an "S" and the generation of the "S" image on the screen. It wouldn't close; it wouldn't change tools. Nothing. I had to nuke the program to get it to close down.

Of course, I was sailing along so swimmingly...so confidently...that I completely and utterly forgot to save ANY bit of my work.

Epic Fail of Stupidity.

I should know better. I do, in fact. Just five minutes before it happened I thought to myself "I really should save this." I really did.

But I didn't bother.

So, then I started over. And got distracted. Then came the Internet search for pre-generated freeware graphics to drop in to make a bed on the map actually look like a bed. Then there were the rock walls that would look better than simple scrawled lines. Then there were stairways.

I didn't ever find a good source of these, by the way.

Then I looked at the clock and realized I'd killed the entire afternoon with my angsting and my searches and now it was time to go home.

Guess I know what I'll be working on this week. And I'll settle for some scrawled lines rather than nifty looking beds, stairs, and rock walls.

Unless someone out there points me to some really cool GIMP add-ons, that is.

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