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27 September 2011

[OSR Challenge] There's A Bugbear In My Kitchenette!

There’s A Bugbear In My Kitchenette!: A Get Ready, Get Set, Go! 3.5 Edition adventure set in a Dwarven Stronghold, but easily dropped into any stronghold or similar structure. (With apologies and a hat tip to Jeffrey over at There’s A Bugbear In My Kitchen!
Get Ready:
  • While the adventurers are resting from the road in a friendly stronghold, a horde of bugbears attack. The Hold Lord, his retinue, and the adventurers are forced to fall back and set up defense in the King’s private sub-kitchen.

Get Set:
  • Torgur Valtek, Hold Lord of the Steady Tower, opened his gates to the adventurers who were staggered from the trials of the road. He pillaged his cupboards and picked out some of the best of his flocks to nurse them back to strength and health. Unfortunately for both the Steady Tower and the adventurers, the Ironscum clan of bugbears chose this time to call due a decades-old grudge. Led by the powerful bugbear Gek Stonebreaker, the creatures swarm into the Steady Tower. The adventurers are with the Hold Lord when the bugbears attack; his Man-At-Arms and his Stonechaser, acting as his bodyguards, convinced Torgur to flee to a more defensible position. Torgur’s bedchamber suite provides a secret exit from the Steady Tower. To reach the bedchamber suite from the State Room, however, the party must travel through the Hold Lord’s private sub-kitchen; this is a kitchen annex where his personal meals are prepared.

    The annex is a room of 50' by 20'. There are three entrances to the room: a set of double-doors lead from the storage rooms on one long wall; these doors are locked from the annex side. There are doors on either end of the room; one leads from the hallway to the State Room, while the other leads to the Hold Lord’s bedchamber and private dining room. The room is filled with various stools, small tables, and preparation areas. There are stacks of iron pots and griddles, as well as basins and crockery. There is also a water pump in one corner of the room. Among the numerous utensils are several knives and large cleavers. The room is cluttered, but not so much as to hamper movement through the room.

  • The bugbears are hot on the heels of the party as they reach the temporary safety of the kitchen annex. The defenders should have no more than one or two rounds breathing room before the bugbears catch up with them. Gek Stonebreaker is accompanied by his shaman, Ktos Dreadscream, and seven of his finest warriors.

    The various tables and chairs can provide cover, obstacles, and improvised weapons for both the defenders and attackers. The crockery and pots can also be used as improvised weapons, as can the knives and the cleavers (using statistics for daggers and hand axes for knives and cleavers, respectively). Ktos has already cast spells on Gek before they enter the room: Bulls Strength, Cats Grace, and Bears Endurance, all at caster level 8. Ideally Gek will be armed with his greataxe, Ktos his morningstar, and his warriors will be split: four with falchions and three with their crossbows.

Notable NPCs:
  • Torgur Valtek, Hold Lord of the Steady Tower: Dwarf Cleric 10; Lawful Good; Init -1; AC 19 (Splint Mail, +2 Shield, Heavy steel); 75 hp; Saves: Fort +10; Ref +2, Will +12; Speed 30 (Boots of Striding and Springing); Attack: Warhammer +12 (1d8+4 / x3) or Hammer, light thrown +6 (1d4+3 / x2); Full Attack Warhammer +12/7 (1d8+4 / x3) or Hammer, light thrown +6 (1d4+3 / x2) range 20; Base Attack/Grapple: 7/10; Abilities: Str 17, Dex 9, Con 17, Int 11, Wis 17, Chr 10; CR 10

  • Farut Bazhak, Man-at-Arms: Dwarf Fighter 11, Lawful Good; Init +1; AC 20 (Scale Mail, +3 Shield, Heavy wooden); 93 hp; Saves: Fort +10; Ref +4, Will +3; Speed 20; Attack: Waraxe +17 (1d10+7 / x3); Full Attack: Waraxe +17/12/7 (1d10+7 / xe); Base Attack/Grapple: 11/14; Abilities: Str 17, Dex 12; Con 16, Int 13, Wis 11, Chr 7; CR 11

  • Fala Glornore, Stonechaser: Female Dwarf Ranger 5 / Fighter 2, Lawful Good; Init +3; AC 17 (+2 Leather); 40 hp; Saves: Fort +8; Ref +7, Will +3; Speed 20; Attack: Trident +9 (1d8+1 / x2) or Shortbow, Composite +12 (1d6+2 / x3); Full Attack: Trident +9/4 (1d8+1) or Shortbow, Composite +10/10/5 (1d6+2 / x3) range 70; Base Attack/Grapple: 7/8; Abilities: Str 13, Dex 16; Con 13, Int 12, Wis 14, Chr 7; CR 7

  • Gek Stonebreaker, General: Bugbear Fighter 15, Chaotic Evil; Init +7; AC 26 (+2 Scale Mail, +2 Shield, Heavy wooden); 168 hp; Saves: Fort +14; Ref +9, Will +6; Speed 20; Attack: Greataxe +29 (1d12+14 / 19-20 x3) or Javelin +21 (1d6+9); Full Attack: Greataxe +29/24/19/14 (1d12+14 / 19-20 x3) or Javelin +21/16/11/6 (1d6+9) range 30; Base Attack/Grapple: 17/25; Abilities: Str 26, Dex 16; Con 19, Int 12, Wis 10, Chr 9; CR 17

  • Ktos Dreadscream, Shaman: Bugbear Cleric 8; Chaotic Evil; Init +1; AC 19 (Chain Shirt, Shield, light wooden); 71 hp; Saves: Fort +11; Ref +4, Will +12; Speed 30; Attack: Morningstar +12 (1d8+3) or Javelin +9 (1d6+3); Full Attack: Morningstar +12/7 (1d8+3) or Javelin +9/4 (1d6+3) range 30; Base Attack/Grapple: 8/11; Abilities: Str 17, Dex 12; Con 15, Int 10, Wis 16, Chr 9; CR 10

  • Bugbear Warriors (7): Bugbear Fighter 7; Chaotic Evil; Init +1; AC 17 (Leather, Shield, light wooden); 72 hp; Saves: Fort +8; Ref +4, Will +3; Speed 30; Attack: Falchion +15 (2d4+7 / 18/20) or Crossbow, heavy +10 (1d10 / 19-20 x2); Full Attack: Falchion +15/10 (2d4+7 / 18-20) or Crossbow, heavy +10 (1d10 / 19-20 x2) range 120; Base Attack/Grapple: 9/14; Abilities: Str 20, Dex 12; Con 15, Int 12, Wis 10, Chr 9; CR 9

This is the thirteenth of 26 adventures that I will be sharing over the month of September. They are designed for use with edition 3.5 of the world’s most popular fantasy RPG, although they can be easily dropped into any fantasy setting (or modern/sci-fi setting with a little work). These posts are a part of Asshat Paladin’s OSR Short Adventure Challenge , and utilize his Get Ready, Get Set, Go! Format.

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