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29 April 2011

Y is for Yllseriad, Shrine of

Deep in the woods outside of Coldtreath a small footpath meanders past a stone altar. On that altar rests a crudely shaped stone bowl; the bowl is full of crystal-clear water. It is always full of water and that water is always crystal-clear and pure.

--Click here for a pdf.--

Few know its location; fewer still know it by its true name: the Shrine of Yllseriad.

What is its purpose? Who was this Yllseriad? Does it hide a deeper secret?

All of those will become clear. For now, enjoy the encounter map: the Shrine of Yllseriad.

**Many thanks to the forums of Dundjinni for the images and textures. I believe all the pieces used in this map are copyright free. If you are the creator or owner of these images, or know the creator or owner, and I am mistaken about the copyright status, please contact me and I will remove the images.

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Boric Glanduum said...

Upon a second review, it suddenly dawns on me that the altar and stone dish are WAY too big for this image. Either that, or the trees are far too small. I wanted the altar imposing, but I didn't mean for it to be as big as the neighboring trees.


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