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19 October 2016

[Inktober 2016] Day 18—Brom's Hovel

Brom's Hovel
(Key word: escape)

Brom, a human druid, is well-known in the Sanktar Plains. A hermit, he keeps to himself and guards his privacy jealously Despite his powers, he prefers to flee fro confrontation if possible.
  • Escape #1: a secret door leads from behind his bed to a passage headed northwest, running west for a mile through the rock.
  • Escape #2: a passage leads from E1 to a rough-hewn spiral stairway leading to a hidden oasis on the top of the bluff, 500' above the Plains.
  • Escape #3: a trapdoor beneath the flagstone floor leads north to Brom's storage room. A narrow door and stairs makes for an excellent defensible position.
  • Escape #4: a passage from E3 and from the northeast wall of the hovel lead to a two-mile-long passage through the rock to the southeast.

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