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08 September 2017

Shameless Plug!

My business partner and I, for our joint birthday gift a couple weeks ago, brought to life a new company called Beta|Read.

It is a fiction manuscript review and accreditation service. A cheap but welcome birthday gift idea for us: Visit our Facebook page and give it a "LIKE." In lieu of cake, please share the page with your fiction author friends and tell them about us!

Thanks in advance!



06 September 2017

Three days left and it's getting close! C'mon, gamer friends...jump aboard!

Even if you're Old School, there's still a lot of great inspiration here...crunch, fluff...whatever your particular slant...there's plenty there to use in your game: old school or new.

Look: I'll tell you the truth...I don't enjoy a lot of plane hopping. BUT...this book has changed my mind, at least enough to incorporate it into my own campaigns.

Trust me on this one...the art is spectacular and the content is amazing, and is being produced by some of the great talents in the biz. GO AND PLEDGE TODAY. They're LITERALLY THIS CLOSE... [NOTE: My fingers are really, really close together.]

DISCLAIMER: I am receiving NOTHING in return for my signal boost, other than the chance to have my pledge fulfilled.

Don't wait; act now! Make your pledge HERE.

Do it. You won't be disappointed.

05 September 2017

Planar Kickstarter Goodness!

Hello, my friends:
There's a terrific Kickstarter winding up this week, just about $4,000 remaining.
A marvelously beautiful and elegant product, supporting Plane-jumping and Planar adventure of any/every kind.

The City of Seven Seraphs has some magnificently huge names attached to it: art, writing, mechanics.

Not only that, but there are some incredible stretch goals that are easily within reach.

Don't wait; act now! Make your pledge HERE. 
You won't be disappointed. I've been allowed to see some of the inside stuff and have had some great conversations with the person behind the project. I know some of my readers aren't in to 3.x stuff...but the ideas and concepts in this book are well worth the purchase, I can assure you of that.
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