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17 October 2016

Taking the Next Step

After my self-described flagstone disaster—seen here—I sought out the advice of +Dyson Logos  and +matt jackson  about their flagstones...or at least, their pens. Local office supply stores didn't carry any of their recommended styles, so I figured I'd have to shop online.

Then, when I dropped my wife off at school tonight, I thought I'd stop by the college bookstore and check out their pen selection.


I not only found the Pilot Razors that Matt recommended, they had a huge line of Microns. They also had a line of "Le Pen" micro fine pens. The drool started. Unfortunately, all I had on me at the time was a couple bucks, so I grabbed a Pilot and two REALLY small Le Pens. If I get these to work, I'll go back for a Micron or two; the college had them priced twice the amount of either of the other pens. (I want to make sure I can actually make the things do what I want to before paying Micron money. Or, local-college-Micron-money.)

Now...gonna go down some migraine meds and take these puppies out for a spin.

And try to figure out where to get the same level of talent as Dyson and Matt. I know the pens are only a tool.

Wish me luck.

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