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08 May 2012

[1PD] -- The Ebony Obelisk of the Snail Demon

After several years of watching helplessly from the sidelines, I decided this year to jump in and participate in the One Page Dungeon (or 1PD) contest.

Not only did I decide to participate, myself and a group of much more creative individuals decided to throw in together and develop a small megadungeon made up of our individual one page dungeons, each one linked somehow to another "level" or one page dungeon. The collective megadungeon is called "The Watery Palace of the Ooze Behemoth" and consists of roughly seven levels.

Of course, life intervened and what with the A to Z April Challenge and a myriad of other personal, professional, religious, and familial commitments, I found myself on the morning of April 30th without a 1PD. So I delved into my archives and pulled out a map from April 2011 called The Temple of Urosh. A few tweaks to the description, a little fleshing out, and the Temple of Urosh became the home of the Ebony Obelisk of the Snail Demon (Urosh being the eponymous Snail Demon) and Level 2 of the Watery Palace of the Ooze Behemoth. My 1PD is presented below.

A great thanks to Jim Pacek over at Carjacked Seraphim for the tremendously brilliant and evil plan to combine a set of 1PDs into one megadungeon. My commitment to participate in the "Watery Palace" project was one of the only things that made me follow through on the 1PD contest this year. I should also thank him for harrowing up my memory this morning by posting that "Other folks also participated, but I don't think they've shared their levels yet! :)" That jogged my memory enough to remind me to post up my 1PD here for your perusal.

I look forward to seeing these seven± levels put together in one place. Check back and I'll share it when I get it. For now, however, enjoy "The Ebony Obelisk of the Snail Demon."

If you get a chance, take a look at Level 5, "The Pearly Spiral of the Endless Hunger" by Dave at Tower of the Archmage.

And of course, Level 7, "The Tesseract Prison of the Putrescent Lord" over at Carjacked Seraphim.

Now for a nap.

Oh, yeah. A PDF of my level is here for download.

1 comment:

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

If I still played Dungeons and Dragons, I'd be all over that. I bet your campaigns are fun.

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