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Year-to-Date RPG Acquisition Inventory

An update to my 2014 RPG Inventory.
The items are listed here in reverse chronological order, of course. If anyone but myself is truly interested.
Note: All publications are in PDF format unless otherwise indicated.

(Update: 2/24/2014)
  1. Gnoll Claw Fighter, #53 Night Below WotC DDM (x5)
  2. Gnoll Sergeant, #50 Giants of Legend WotC DDM (x2)
  3. Gnoll Demon Adept, #28 Demonweb WotC DDM (x2)
  4. Traps & Treachery, by Fantasy Flight Games [Print]
  5. Traps & Treachery II, by Fantasy Flight Games [Print]
  6. Dragon Magazine, Issue 285 [Print]
  7. #1 With a Bullet Point: 10 Feats of Fear and Fearlessness, by Rogue Genius Games
  8. Monster Menagerie: Engines of Destruction, by Rogue Genius Games
  9. Monster Menagerie: Kith of the Harpy Queen, by Rogue Genius Games
  10. Monster Menagerie: Winter Ravagers, by Rogue Genius Games
  11. Codex Draconis: Green Menace of the Woodlands, by Rogue Genius Games
  12. Codex Draconis: Red Tyrants of the Mountains, by Rogue Genius Games
  13. Codex Draconis: Blue Satraps of the Deserts, by Rogue Genius Games
  14. Codex Draconis: White Terrors of the North, by Rogue Genius Games
  15. Dungeoncraft, by Fantasy Flight Games
  16. Adventure Quarterly: Issue #5, by Rite Publishing [Print/PDF]
  17. Monster’s Manual, by Fantasy Flight Games [Print]
  18. Mystical Drink Name Generator, by Ennead Games
  19. Potion Details Generator, by Ennead Games
  20. Monster Menagerie: Rise of the Goblinoids, by Rogue Genius Games
  21. Monster Menagerie: Howl at the Moon, by Rogue Genius Games
  22. Pathways #36, by Rite Publishing
  23. The Genius Guide to More Barbarian Talents, by Rogue Genius Games
  24. The Genius Guide to the Talented Barbarian, by Rogue Genius Games
  25. One Night Stand: The Warren of the Death Spider, by Rogue Genius Games
  26. Monster Menagerie: The Kingdom of Graves, by Rogue Genius Games
  27. Forgotten Encounters: Underground, by Purple Duck Games
  28. Feats 101, by Rite Publishing
  29. Encounter Pages, by Purple Duck Games
  30. Encounter Pages II, by Purple Duck Games
  31. Codex Draconis: Black Lords of the Marsh, by Rogue Genius Games
  32. Agate Companion, by Rite Publishing
  33. 101 New Skill Uses, by Rite Publishing
  34. 101 Combat Feats, by Rite Publishing
  35. #30 More Manuals of Improvement, by Rite Publishing
  36. #30 Manuals of Improvement, by Rite Publishing
  37. #30 Intelligent Magic Items, by Rite Publishing
  38. #30 Cloaks of Deception, by Rite Publishing
  39. #30 Alchemical Gadgets, by Rite Publishing
  40. #30 Staves, by Rite Publishing
  41. #1 With a Bullet Point: 6 Nonmagic Special Qualities for Weapons, by Rogue Genius Games
  42. #1 With a Bullet Point: 5 Meta-Combat Feats, by Rogue Genius Games
  43. #1 With a Bullet Point: 5 Abilities for Dragonhide Armor, by Rogue Genius Games
  44. #1 With a Bullet Point: 4 Feats for the Invisibility Spell, by Rogue Genius Games
  45. #1 With a Bullet Point: 3 New Supernatural Monster Abilities, by Rogue Genius Games
  46. #1 With a Bullet Point: 12 Alternatives For The Rogue's Trapfinding Class Ability, by Rogue Genius Games
  47. The Big Book of Spiders, by Dylan Hartwell [Free!] [Print/PDF]
(Prior update: 2/24/2014)
  1. Dragon Magazine, Issue 192 [Print]
  2. Dragon Magazine, Issue 156 [Print]
  3. Dungeons and Dragons: Rule Book, from 1991 Boxed Set, by Troy Dunning [Print]
  4. Pathways #35, by Rite Publishing
  5. Weather d6 – Crystal Caste
  6. Probability d6 (20mm) – Koplow
  7. Compass d8 (16mm) – Koplow
  8. Imperial Measurement d6 (16 mm) – Koplow
  9. 3-D Directional d6 (16 mm) – Koplow
  10. WiR2 Orientation Randomizer d6 [2 pc] (16mm) – em4
  11. Dragon Black & Yellow [7pc] (16mm) – Q Workshop
  12. Toxic Orange/Green [7 pc] (16mm) – Crystal Caste
  13. Gemini Blue-Yellow with White Glow (2007 Convention) [7 pc] (??mm) – Koplow
  14. Space Speckled [7 pc] (16mm) – Chessex
  15. Gemini Blue-Yellow with White Glow d10 (??mm) – Koplow
  16. Hastur Games Custom Imprint d6 (2pc) (16mm)
  17. Continents (Jumbo) d14 (29mm) – Koplow
  18. Days of the Week (Jumbo) d14 (29mm) – Koplow
  19. Blank (Jumbo) d8 (25 mm) – Koplow
  20. Hit Location Die [2 pc] (28mm) – Koplow
  21. Rock Paper Scissors Die [2 pc] (28mm) – Koplow
  22. Interrogative Die [2 pc] (16mm) – Koplow
  23. Parts of Speech Dice (16mm) – Koplow
  24. Poker Die [9, 10, J, Q, K, A] (16mm) – Koplow
  25. Emotions d10 (20mm) – Koplow
  26. Race Generator d8 (16mm) – Chessex
  27. Class Generator d8 (16mm) – Chessex
  28. Rory’s Story Cubes: Actions, by Gamewright
  29. Rory’s Story Cubes: Voyages, by Gamewright
  30. Rory’s Story Cubes: Original, by Gamewright
  31. Pathfinder Battles -- Wrath of the Righteous: Regular Booster
  32. Wayfinder #9, by Paizo Fans United
  33. Pathways #34, by Rite Publishing
  34. Chinese Number Words d10 (20mm) – Koplow
  35. Chinese Number d6 (7-12) (20mm) – Koplow
  36. Geometric Shapes d10 (20mm) – UNKNOWN (Koplow?)
  37. Red Ancient [7 pc] (??mm) – Crystal Caste
  38. Translucent Green Giant [7 pc] (??mm) – Crystal Caste
  39. Dragon Magazine, Issue 298 [Print]
  40. Car Wars: Autoduel Quarterly Vol 8 #3, by Steve Jackson Games [Print]
  41. Temple of the Troll God, by Fast Forward Entertainment [Print]
  42. Slave Pits of the Goblin King, by Fast Forward Entertainment [Print]
  43. Demonic Lairs, by Fast Forward Entertainment [Print]
  44. The Zocalo, by Mongoose Publishing [Print]
  45. The Trouble with Drazi, by Mongoose Publishing [Print]
  46. The Cold Equations, by Mongoose Publishing [Print]
  47. Ship Plans Vol. 2: G’Quan, by Mongoose Publishing [Print]
  48. Monster Geographica Underground, by Expeditious Retreat Press [Print]
  49. Berbalang, #05 Wrath of the Righteous Pathfinder Battles
  50. Baphomet Cultist, #03 Wrath of the Righteous Pathfinder Battles
  51. Frost Drake, #31 Wrath of the Righteous Pathfinder Battles
  52. Tordek, Dwarf Fighter, #13 Harbinger WotC DDM
  53. Tordek, Dwarf Champion, #08 War of the Dragon Queen WotC DDM
  54. Ambrose Kroop, #16 Skull & Shackles Pathfinder Battles
  55. Demoniac, #09 Wrath of the Righteous Pathfinder Battles
  56. Feats Reforged: Vol. I, Core Rules, by Total Party Kill Games
  57. d30 Sandbox Companion, by New Big Dragon Games Unlimited [Print/PDF]
  58. RAWR! Vol. 2: Flame & Wrath, by Total Party Kill Games
  59. Dungeon Tiles, by Crooked Staff Publishing
  60. Pathfinder Adventure Path #78: City of Locusts (Wrath of the Righteous 6 of 6) [Print]
  61. Pathways #33, by Rite Publishing
  62. The Bleeding Hollow, by Total Party Kill Games [Print/PDF]
  63. The Reaping Stone, by Total Party Kill Games [Print/PDF]
  64. Toxic Orange/Green d30 (35mm) – Crystal Caste
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