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13 June 2018

De-Winterizing the Stronghold

Now that the school year is over, and my certification program is slowing down a bit, I'm thinking I might be able to unlock the Stronghold's front doors again and clear out some of the cobwebs. My gaming life has dwindled to almost nothing over the past ten months, primarily because of time, but also because—after putting in nine hours at school, then another four hours sitting and listening to a professor drone on, then spending several more hours a week doing homework—I haven't the strength or energy to sit down and do anything gaming related of any sort.

So first, I want to thank you all for your patience with me, and for coming back to read this poor dwarf's ramblings again.

So I'm sitting in a 3-day-long conference, and I got a little bored with taking notes. So this happened.

 Yeah...I started on my doodle page. then my note-taking page, and then I just gave in and used an entire sheet. I'm sure I'll spend some more time on them tomorrow: details, cross-hatching, etc. This weekend I should be able to GIMP it up and get it posted here.

Glad to be back. It's been nearly 8 months since I last drew any kind of a map, so I'm trying to find all those unused muscles (and remember how I used to do things). Please bear with me as I get the clear the dust and webs from around the Stronghold.

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