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29 April 2017

[Real Life] Time Away from the Dice

I hadn't realized that it had been nearly a month since I posted anything here.

Real life has intervened.

As I may have posted before, back in the middle of last year, I became unemployed. Finally found work as a teacher's aide at a local junior high in November. I really enjoyed what I was doing and loved working with these kids.

Well, at the beginning of the year, the Principal approached me, wanting to know if I would want to take over full-time for one of the Special Education teachers in August. I would need to go through a state process that would give me credit for my previous schooling and issue me a teaching certificate based on those credentials.

I jumped at the chance. Said yes. He gave me the job. And then, two weeks later, came to me and said that this selfsame teacher had been given two weeks notice because of a gross violation of policy...and would I want to start sooner to finish out the year as a teacher.

Again, I jumped at the chance.

So...I can now announce that my two-decade legal career is behind me. I am proud to say I'm now a teacher. I'm teaching a class of 6 junior high students, ranging from 6th grade to 8th grade, each with either severe behavioral issues or severe learning disabilities.

And I love it.

But the problem is: the school has restricted any website that has to do with games or gaming. So, I can't do anything with RPG stuff until I get home. By which time, of course, I'm exhausted, cannot think, and busy trying to form a lesson plan and gather materials for the next day. My reading and visiting of other blogs and gaming sites has also, necessarily, drastically decreased. A quick skim of G+ may happen if I'm lucky.

But this blog is not dead. I managed to game last week for an 8-hour session. I've began sketching out an article for The Stronghold Zine #4. Things are still percolating; it's just a matter of finding the time and energy to put the thoughts together and send them out into the electronic ether. One of the teaching aides has started up an ambitious play-by-post 5E campaign among the teachers and staff at the school; so I have an outlet, albeit spotty and unfamiliar. In the process, I've been able to mentor a 20-year-old newcomer to RPGs, and bestowed upon him the gift of his First Dice.

And may I say, I miss you all. I miss my friends and acquaintances. I feel so left out of things. Please know that I have not forgotten any of you; it's a simple matter of access and time, really. I'm still here and I value all my friendships. And we will journey on, together, soon.


The Happy Whisk said...



imredave said...

Congratulations on your career! I'll still read the blog even it updates infrequently.

P.S. My blog is suffering a similar fate. I really should write something for May.

christian said...

You're a good man and your students are lucky to have you. :)

Stelios V. Perdios said...


It's been awhile since I've checked in on your blog, but that is absolutely wonderful news. May all those other challenges become a distant memory, and may your new job bring you continued happiness.



Sean Robert Meaney said...

So are you teaching them D&D?

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